Definition of Retiree

The Status of Retiree at St. Lawrence University

The purpose of this memo is to clarify the meaning of the term retiree as a term used for former employees of St. Lawrence University.  This clarification does not IN ANY WAY change an active or former employee’s eligibility for any benefit, financial or otherwise, such as health insurance, not specifically mentioned below.

The definitions and/or requirements regarding retirement at St. Lawrence included in specific statements, plans, or otherwise, including Bargaining Unit Agreements, supersede this definition.

An employee is in the status labeled retired when an employee is no longer an active employee of St Lawrence University and, at the time of separation

            Attained                                  Combined

            Age was          AND                Age + Service

            At Least:                                 Was At Least:

                        50                                            75

                        52                                            74

                        54                                            73

                        56                                            72

                        58                                            71

                        60                                            70

…in which case the retiree is eligible for the following, under the same terms as apply to active employees or retirees in the same classification [for instance, faculty retirees, as a retiree classification] and has a minimum of ten years contiguous service at St. Lawrence:

  • Use of St. Lawrence athletics complex and fitness center
  • Discount at Brewer Bookstore
  • Access to sporting and cultural events [most are free - some play-off events require paid admission]
  • Listing in the University directory as a retiree
  • Involvement in appropriate retiree group, hence invitation to events that are open to that classification of retirees
  • Recognized as a retiree at the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony
  • An account on the University computer system (available upon request to Information Technology)
  • Maintain Campus-Wide Account

Distribution of funds from an individual’s Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (403b), or any retirement plan, can only be as specified by that plan and is unaffected in any way by this definition or any part of this statement.

The spouse and dependents of a deceased retiree or an active employee, who, at the time of death, would have been eligible for the status of retiree per this definition, remain eligible for the items listed above, as appropriate for spouses/dependents.


Approved by SS, 4.08 revised 6.2013