Travel Health

The Health Center is available to assist students as they prepare for travel abroad.  There are a number of resources available that provide information about requirements and recommendations specific to the area of travel in regards to immunizations and best health practices to maintain optimum health and safety.  The Health Center can work with students in comparing these standards with immunizations the student may already have, and advise the next steps that should be taken. The links below can serve as a guide in the preparation process.

Considerations for Travel: The slides attached detail some specific aspects that should be considered while traveling abroad.  These topics and recommendations can vary based on the intended area of travel.  These recommendations can be discussed in further detail at the Health Center by calling to schedule an appointment with a travel nurse.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travelers' Health: This Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) link  is a valuable resource as it provides detailed information for all areas of travel.