Information for New Students

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What services are provided at the Torrey Health and Counseling Center?

We provide comprehensive and confidential mental and physical health care to all St. Lawrence University students. Services range from dealing with anxiety, depression and eating disorders to the treatment of illness and injury, gynecologic care and monitoring of students with chronic illness.

Where is the Torrey Center?
The Center is located at 76 Park Street.

Who is eligible?
Health and counseling services are available to all students registered for credit-bearing courses at St. Lawrence University. Standard mental health and physical health services are free for those students.

When is the Torrey Center open? During the academic year, hours are Monday– Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m and Friday 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  After normal business hours, you can reach the counselor on call at 315-229-1914 or procure emergency medical services by calling 315-229-5555 or by dialing 911.

A student who has an urgent health care need that is not an emergency should go to the CPH After-Hours Clinic, next to campus in the E.J. Noble Center (315-386-3300). The nearest hospital with Emergency Department services is Canton–Potsdam Hospital, 50 Leroy Street, Potsdam (315-265-3300), a 15-minute drive from campus. Students needing transportation to the hospital should call 315-229-5555, for appropriate arrangements.

What vaccines are required for all new and incoming students ?                                                                      New York State requires the following vaccines:

2 MMRs

Meningitis (not B) within the past 5 years

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Petussis (DTP) a series of 5

Tdap within the last 10 years

Polio Vaccine a series of 3 plus a booster         

Please call our nurse line for any questions 315-229-5392 ext. 1

Does a student need an appointment to be seen at the Torrey Center?
Unless it is an emergency situation, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling 315-229-5392 for counseling-related appointments and  for health-related appointments. We make every effort to schedule appointments that will not interfere with class attendance.

What if a student is ill and cannot attend class?
Call or e-mail the professor before class to let him or her know that you will not be able to attend class that day. We do not provide “sick notes.”

What are the most common illnesses students suffer in college?
Colds, flu, infectious mononucleosis, bronchitis, urinary tract infection and strep throat are among the common illnesses treated. Lifestyle and close living quarters have a huge impact on students’ immune response and frequency of illness. We encourage all students to get a flu shot every fall. The most common mental health issues seen in college students surround depression, anxiety, eating and body image, adjusting to college, and relationships (romantic, friend and family-of-origin relationships).

Does the staff provide care for students with special or chronic health care needs?
Yes, we will work with a student’s personal physician as needed to ensure optimal health care. Private physicians may call or fax orders for laboratory or x-ray tests to our office, to be forwarded to Canton–Potsdam Hospital’s ancillary services. It is helpful to us to have the student’s medical records forwarded to us if we are assisting with a chronic problem. If a controlled drug is to be ordered by a practitioner at St. Lawrence, the student’s medical records from the initially prescribing physician must be in our office.

What if a student’s needs cannot be met by the Torrey Center?
Although we provide a wide range of care, we cannot offer some specialist services. When this occurs, referrals to appropriate practitioners and other health care providers within the community are provided.

Do parents have access to health information?
Although parents may be paying for the student’s college education, according to federal privacy laws (HIPPA, FERPA), they do not have the right to know if or why their son/daughter has visited the Torrey Center. If you are 18 years old or older and have given us written permission to discuss care with your parents, we can talk to them about the issue(s) mentioned on the Release of Information form signed by you. We cannot accept long-term, blanket Release of Information forms. Written permission needs to be given each time a student wants us to discuss care with his/her parents. Federal law requires this level of confidentiality.

What does it cost?
Torrey Health and Counseling Center services are free to St. Lawrence University students. Students are charged for items such as immunizations, certain drugs and orthopedic appliances. Students obtaining such items at the Torrey Center will be provided a receipt to file a private insurance claim. We do not directly bill insurance companies. Fees incurred will be charged to the student’s account through student financial services. We do not have access to your health insurance information. If your HMO requires prior approval or authorization for services, the student is responsible for calling his/her primary care provider. Students should have their own insurance card and have knowledge of their specific plan coverage.

What about student health insurance?
Enrollment in a health insurance plan is required for St. Lawrence University Students. To ensure compliance, each St. Lawrence student is automatically enrolled in, and billed for, the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through the University. Refer to the Financial Information section for more information and instructions for waiving the St. Lawrence plan.