Recent Honor Theses

2023 SYE Honors Theses:

Bridgett McCann, "Attitudes and Law: Development of Environmental Law Since 1971"

2022 SYE Honors Theses:

Moira Hogan, "Separate and Unequal: The Case of New York State's Educational System"

Frances Hubbard, " Reparations for Black Americans: How to Frame the Policy for Political Success"

Catherine O'Keeffe, "Do Offender Characteristics Matter? The Role of Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in Criminal Sentencing"

Rowan Travis, "The Impact of Security, Trade, and Identity on U.S.FONOPs"

2021 SYE Honors Theses:

Emily Anderson, "Pandemic Policy Response: The Case of Norway and Sweden"

Niamh Creedon-Carey, "Turnout and Participation: The Role of Student Leaders"

Christopher Denham, "Examining the Prevalence and Influence of Education Sector Corruption on Educational Achievement in Developed Nations"

Emily Green, "Central Asia's Economic Promise: Determining the Effects of Chinese Investment Through the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor"

Connor Farmer, "Comparing FDI and ODA Strategies of China and Japan in Southeast Asia"

Olivia Botting, "Financial Flows Into Western Africa: Does the CFA Zone Make a Difference?"

2020 SYE Honors Theses:

James Lehner, "More Than Ten (or Even Fourteen) States Matter: Expanding the Field of Swing States in Presidential Elections"

Shannon Dion, "Off The Sidelines, Onto The field: Why Women Enter Presidential Primaries"

Alison Spasyk, "Environmental Justice and the Distribution of Toxic Release Inventory Facilities in Vermont"

Ryan P. Young, "Effects of a Legacy: How Colonial Legacies Impact Contemporary Official Development Assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Lucy Hochschartner, "Governing Guns, Growth, and Greenhouse Gas: A panel data and case study analysis of climate policy adoption in Latin American from 1998-2018

Samantha Sambrook, "Perspectives of Formerly Incarcerated Individual on Correctional Education & Labour"

SLU Government 2020 SYE Honors Thesis Presentations