Recent Honor Theses

2021 SYE Honors Theses:

Emily Anderson, "Pandemic Policy Response: The Case of Norway and Sweden"

Niamh Creedon-Carey, "Turnout and Participation: The Role of Student Leaders"

Christopher Denham, "Examining the Prevalence and Influence of Education Sector Corruption on Educational Achievement in Developed Nations"

Emily Green, "Central Asia's Economic Promise: Determining the Effects of Chinese Investment Through the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor"

Connor Farmer, "Comparing FDI and ODA Strategies of China and Japan in Southeast Asia"

Olivia Botting, "Financial Flows Into Western Africa: Does the CFA Zone Make a Difference?"

2020 SYE Honors Theses:

James Lehner, "More Than Ten (or Even Fourteen) States Matter: Expanding the Field of Swing States in Presidential Elections"

Shannon Dion, "Off The Sidelines, Onto The field: Why Women Enter Presidential Primaries"

Alison Spasyk, "Environmental Justice and the Distribution of Toxic Release Inventory Facilities in Vermont"

Ryan P. Young, "Effects of a Legacy: How Colonial Legacies Impact Contemporary Official Development Assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Lucy Hochschartner, "Governing Guns, Growth, and Greenhouse Gas: A panel data and case study analysis of climate policy adoption in Latin American from 1998-2018

Samantha Sambrook, "Perspectives of Formerly Incarcerated Individual on Correctional Education & Labour"

SLU Government 2020 SYE Honors Thesis Presentations