Diplomacy Lab: For Faculty

For Faculty

By completing the project submission form below, you commit to undertaking and completing your chosen Diplomacy Lab project as described by the US Department of State. While your students will work on the project, you (as the project coordinator) are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the promised work is delivered to the State Department. 

Your project bid includes a 200-word explanation for how you will complete your project next semester.

In your explanation, you should describe your own relevant expertise and how you will incorporate students. The research is expected to take place throughout the semester and involve students, and your State Department liaison will rely on YOUR expertise and ability to deliver a high-quality project.

The Project Menu for the Upcoming Semester

Please find below the project menu for the upcoming semester. (You may be asked to use your SLU credentials to access the document.)

Fall 2023 Project Menu

As you will see in the menu, some projects are more extensive than others. Therefore, it is important to understand the scope of each project as you consider submitting a proposal.

We are not able to negotiate the final deliverable.

Submitting Your Bid(s)

Please use the Project Submission Form below to apply for any project you are willing and qualified to supervise. You may apply for more than one project, but you should indicate you rank order preference in your submissions. St. Lawrence is only allowed to submit four bids each semester, with an additional two bids submitted as alternates.

Submit your bid here!