Diplomacy Lab: For Students

For Students

Diplomacy Lab offers all St. Lawrence students a unique opportunity to explore foreign policy issues identified by the US Department of State, work with foreign service officers on the ground, and present your research findings to a State Department bureau/embassy.

By participating in a Diplomacy Lab project, you will interact with US diplomats who request your help to address some of the most pressing issues confronting the US and communities around the world. This is your chance to connect what you learn in the classroom with real policy problems and impact actual US foreign policy in practice.

The projects requested by the State Department cover a wide range (e.g., human rights, climate change, migration, cybersecurity, data analytics, etc.), and you are not required to be a Government major/minor to participate in these projects. Simply check out the project menu for the upcoming semester to see if there is any project you are interested in. As you will realize, the projects are interdisciplinary, giving you the chance to link your expertise up with that of students from very different majors.

Spring 2024 Project Menu

Fall 2024 Project Menu

Because Diplomacy Lab is run through classes, only faculty can apply to take on a project.

But you can encourage faculty to apply for specific projects and encourage your peers to enroll in the classes that will take on the projects. You are central to this entire process, so get involved!

Check back to this website every semester where we will put out the upcoming project menu as well as announcements of Diplomacy Lab events.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mert Kartal (mkartal@stlawu.edu).