Diplomacy Lab: Current Projects

Diplomacy Lab (Fall 2023)

Project ID: DipLab2331002

Project Title: Corruption and Good Governance in Europe/Eurasia

Project Sponsors: United States State Department, Foreign Service Institute

  • Dr. Aleksandra Nesic (Chair, European and Eurasian Affairs)
  • Boris Gershman (Deputy Chair, European and Eurasian Affairs)

Partner School: St. Lawrence University

Diplomacy Lab Coordinator/Contact Person: Dr. Mert Kartal

Project Lead: Dr. Mert Kartal, Government Department

Student researchers: (ordered by last name)

Emma Birkitt (embirk20@stlawu.edu)

Ally Devane (amdeva20@stlawu.edu)

Alex Ferguson (ajferg22@stlawu.edu)

Eva Grover (ekgrov20@stlawu.edu)

Josh Hulslander (jjhuls20@stlawu.edu)

Ellie Lashway (eglash21@stlawu.edu)

Bridget Lennon (bklenn20@stlawu.edu)

Ben Lloyd (bslloy20@stlawu.edu)

Owen Russell (opruss19@stlawu.edu)

Aiden Sax (arsax20@stlawu.edu)

Meghan Weldon (mweld21@stlawu.edu)

Reid Wilson (nrwils22@stlawu.edu)

Davis Wood (rdwood21@stlawu.edu)

Country Leads: (ordered by country name)

Austria: Owen Russell (opruss19@stlawu.edu)

Croatia: Bridget Lennon (bklenn20@stlawu.edu)

Estonia: Eva Grover (ekgrov20@stlawu.edu)

Greece: Ben Lloyd (bslloy20@stlawu.edu)

Hungary: Emma Birkitt (embirk20@stlawu.edu)

Italy: Ally Devane (amdeva20@stlawu.edu)

Project Description: In 2021, Transparency International conducted one of the largest studies on corruption in Europe and the European Union (EU), finding that almost two thirds of Europeans believe that government corruption is a problem in their country. From money laundering to extortion and nepotism, nearly every segment of most European and EU-member states experiences some level of corrupt practices that in turn undermine good governance, democracy, rule of law, respect for human rights etc. This is of key concern as Europe and EU are often seen more transparent than other regions of the world. This project examines the intersection of corruption and good governance from Europe, analyzing the EU as an institutional body and/or comparing different nations across Europe.

Final Product Format: St. Lawrence University will produce a final written report, by mid-December, including (i) key case studies examined, and lessons drawn from them, and (ii) suggested courses of action for implementing and/or supporting effective anti-corruption efforts. In early December, the partner school will also offer a final presentation of key findings and recommendations to the State Department. The final product will be used in Foreign Service Institute regional and sub-regional training courses, as well as seminars addressing the problem of corruption and good governance in Europe/Eurasia.

Presentation Schedule: December 6, 2023 - 2:00-3:30 pm EST

2:00-2:15:       Opening Remarks, Bryan Gerhart, Senior Partnership Advisor, Office of Global Partnerships

Welcome from FSI & Introduction of Diplomacy Lab Projects, Dr. Aleks Nesic, EUR Chair

Introduction of Schools and Diplomacy Lab Teams, Boris Gershman, EUR Deputy Chair

2:15-2:45:       St. Lawrence University, Corruption and Good Governance in EUR

2:45-3:15:       James Madison University, Ukraine's Post-Conflict Reconstruction

3:15-3:30:       Concluding Remarks