Strategic Action Plan Theme 5: Connect

CONNECT community members across different social identities through intentional facilitations, events and gatherings to gain new perspectives and develop meaningful relationships.

For St. Lawrence to benefit from the diversity that our community brings together, opportunities to engage across difference must be intentionally created and fostered so that diverse perspectives can be shared, so as to move more closely toward our “clear commitment to finding common ground through ongoing communal dialogue.”[1]

  • Short-term:
    • Plan and implement a variety of events which foster connections among students, faculty and staff including open forums and town halls
    • Foster the development and work of affinity groups which allow space for individuals to gather around social identity and to educate the community
    • Highlight more directly the opportunities for connection that do exist through intentional curation of the web and social media presence of these groups and opportunities for all Laurentians
    • Work with Laurentian Engagement to support opportunities for mentorship and internships between students and alumni
  • Intermediate:
    • Evaluate/assess events in terms of attendance, feedback, and impact
    • Plan events in the intermediate term based on feedback and assessment data
  • Long-term:
    • Assess and modify programs and opportunities for connection as culture evolves
  • Assessment:
    • Track events fostering connections through the multicultural student group IBUV[2] and Thelmo
    • Track attendance and solicit feedback through events connecting faculty/staff, such as brown bag lunches and, ultimately, employee resource groups

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[1] From the University Diversity Statement.

[2] IBUV: Intersectional Board of United Voices