Strategic Action Plan Theme 3: Foster

FOSTER the development of a campus culture and climate in which every member can thrive and flourish. 

Having a community that is diverse is not enough. We must ensure that all members of the community have opportunities to participate, grow, and flourish. By fostering inclusion, we improve retention of students, faculty, and staff from our diverse identities. “St. Lawrence University must work to create an environment that thrives on the diversity individuals bring to this community of learners.”[1]

  • Short-term:
    • Work with Thelmo to institute mandatory D&I programming for all student organizational leaders
    • Work to amplify the voices of community members with underrepresented identities
    • Identify strategies to support first-generation students
    • Host community forums in which all members have opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns
    • Expand the displays and exhibits featuring people from diverse identities throughout campus, including the “Faces of St. Lawrence” exhibit in the Sullivan Student Center[2]
    • Continue Brown Bag Lunch series for BIPOC and LGBTQIA faculty/staff, and expand to include other groups as needed
  • Intermediate:
    • Develop parameters for “Thrive Guides” for LGBTQIA, BIPOC, international students, and other underrepresented identity groups, similar to Yale University's First Year Trans Survival Guide[3]
    • Identify areas where greater accessibility can be relatively easily achieved[4]
    • Work with Human Resources to study exit interviews and determine need for programming/interventions
    • Explore funding options for internships and research experiences for under-resourced students
    • DC will develop ongoing workshops and community dialogues on D&I topics and current events (collaborating with other groups/departments, such as the faculty/staff group CARE[5])
  • Long-term:
    • Assess and revise programming and interventions as culture changes
    • Assess physical environment for accessibility and trans-students
  • Assessment
    • Continue and expand collaboration with Thelmo to ensure that student leaders are trained at regular intervals (e.g., annually)
    • Track retention numbers for various demographic groups of students
    • Track number of community forums and main topics of concern expressed; ensure that concerns are addressed
    • Track number of displays featuring those with underrepresented identities in positive ways

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[1] From University Diversity Statement.

[2] “Faces of St. Lawrence” exhibit was made permanent in Summer 2020.

[3] Yale University Office of LGBTQ Resources,

[4] E.g., lower paper towel holder in restrooms for wheelchair-bound access.

[5] CARE is an acronym for Committed to Action for Racial Equity.