Registration for Courses

Continuing students who expect to be enrolled in the following term must register in April for the fall term and November for the spring term. Registration instructions and course listings are available to all students prior to designated registration deadline dates. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors prior to registering for courses. Students who register late are subject to a fee of $50. 

Course Load 

In the fall or spring semester, full-time students may take any four courses regardless of their unit value, or five or six courses that total no more than 4.75 units, without incurring additional tuition charges. An overload consists of five or six courses totaling more than 4.75 units or more than six courses. During Summerterm, an overload consists of more than two units of credit. Full-time students registered for more than six courses or for five or six courses totaling more than 4.75 units and not meeting criteria for a course overload without additional charges will be charged an overload fee. 

Eligibility for Course Overload 

Course overload registration is requested during the first seven days of the fall and spring semesters. Course overload during Summerterm must be approved by the Director of Summerterm. Timely completion of the petition is required. First-year students are not eligible for a course overload. Transfer students in their first semester at St. Lawrence are not eligible for a course overload.  

Course Overload Without Additional Charges 

  1. Full-time students who are in good academic standing and who are making normal progress toward their degree may register for up to 5.75 units without additional tuition charges during the fall or spring semesters. See Guidelines for Normal Academic Progress, below. 

  1. A student who fails to convert all incomplete (E) grades to final grades by the end of the drop/add period may not take the free overload course privilege even when other conditions are met.