Add/Drop Policy 

During the first seven business days after classes begin in any semester or the first three days after classes begin in the Summerterm, a student may add or drop a course without a permanent record being made of the change. Students changing their schedules within the add/drop period must have written approval of the instructor of each course being added. Students may request from the Academic Petitions Committee a late schedule change with instructor and advisor permission. Approved late changes will result in a $50 late change fee. 

Withdrawal from a Course 

Twice before graduation, students are permitted to withdraw from a course. The withdrawal period extends from the eighth day of classes through the end of the 10th week of classes for fall and spring semester courses that meet over the entire semester. For courses that meet for half of a semester or during Summerterm, students may withdraw after the first three days (when drop/add ends) until the end of the third week. Academic advisor acknowledgement is required for course withdrawal. 

The course remains on their transcript, and a “W” grade is entered by the registrar. If a withdrawal form, properly executed, is not submitted before the deadline, the student remains enrolled in the course, and is graded accordingly. Withdrawing from FYP or FYS is not permitted. Students should contact the Student Financial Services Office to determine if withdrawing from a course will jeopardize a New York State grant or scholarship. International students should contact the International Student Services Office to determine any effects on their student visa status. 

Students may apply to the vice president and dean of student life for a medical withdrawal from a course, courses, or the entire semester during the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. Documentation from an appropriate medical, psychiatric, or psychological professional must be provided at the time of application. While on medical withdrawal from an entire semester, students must absent themselves from campus, unless the vice president and dean of student life expressly allows access. The registrar enters a “WM” grade for all enrolled courses for which a medical withdrawal has been granted. A medical withdrawal from all courses continues for the remainder of the semester and in most cases continues for at least one additional semester.  

The vice president and dean of student life may grant a medical withdrawal for the semester immediately preceding the semester for which the student is registered, provided (1) the withdrawal is for the entire semester and (2) the student has not yet started the subsequent semester and (3) in their judgment, application for the medical withdrawal could have been made and would have been granted for that semester. Only in consultation with the associate dean for academic advising, and under unusual, documented circumstances, may a medical withdrawal be granted for semesters prior to the last semester for which the student was registered. 

In cases of both voluntary and required semester medical withdrawal, the policy on refunds outlined on the Student Financial Services website will apply: and

Students will be obligated to adhere to any readmission requirements outlined by the vice president and dean if they desire to return to St. Lawrence University. Students must provide documentation from a medical professional that the medical situation that led to their withdrawal has been addressed and they are able to resume their studies.  

Leave of Absence 

A leave of absence may be granted by the dean of student life to any student who is in good academic and social standing. Such a student may be readmitted at the start of a term provided that: (1) readmission is within three terms of the student’s leaving, (2) the University receives a 30-day notice of the student’s intention to return and (3) there is housing and classroom space available.