Academic Minors

Academic minors extend the curriculum’s flexibility while adding another medium of connection, coherence and integration to the student’s course of study. A student who has declared a single major may elect one or two minors; a student who has declared a double major may elect only one minor. 

Minors normally consist of five to seven courses, as defined by departments or programs. See individual program descriptions for details on specific programs. A minor may not be declared in the student’s major, although a student may major in one foreign language and minor in another. Students must have earned a 2.0 GPA at the time of graduation in all courses taken in their minor. Courses counting toward the student’s minor completion cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis after the minor is declared. See the Inventory of Registered Programs at the end of this section and the Courses of Study section of the Catalog for the list of minors and visit for links to departments and programs.