Major Requirements

All students are expected to complete a concentrated field of study referred to as the major, which requires no fewer than eight semester unit courses. Courses counting toward the student’s major completion cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis after the major has been declared. Students’ programs in the junior and senior years are arranged in consultation with their academic advisor(s) and the chair(s) of their major department(s)/program(s). Change of the major may be made only with the consent of the chair and the student’s advisor for the new major. 

Admission to a Major 

  1. Students must declare a major in the second semester of their sophomore year or file with the associate dean for academic advising a petition to postpone major declaration. Transfer students entering at the junior level should review major requirements at the time of application and must declare the major no later than the beginning of the second term of attendance. Students who do not declare the major in the expected timeframe will be placed on a registration hold until they do. 

  1. To be admitted to a major, students must have a 2.0 average in the major field(s). Students with an average below 2.0 in the desired field(s) may seek probationary admission to the major, which must be approved by the department chair. 

Continuance in a Major 

  1. After being accepted into a major, students must maintain a 2.0 minimum average in the major field to continue as majors. If a student falls below a 2.0 grade point average in the major field, the student and the relevant department chair(s) and/or program coordinator(s) will be notified that the student can no longer continue as a major. The student must either declare a new major with at least a 2.0 average or apply to remain in the original major on probationary status. A probationary admission must be approved by the department chair/program coordinator(s). Students who are granted probationary status are placed on academic notice by the Academic Standing Committee. 

  1. Students who gain probationary admission to a major have two semesters in which to raise their average in the major field to a 2.0 or above. If at the end of the probationary period a student has not done so, the student must immediately find acceptance into another major or be suspended from the University. 

  1. Students who are dropped from a major and/or suspended from the University should consult with the associate dean of academic advising. Students who are suspended from the University may appeal their suspension to the Academic Standing Committee. 

  1. At the time of graduation, students must hold at least a 2.0 cumulative average in St. Lawrence courses taken in their major field.