Anthropology Lab

Anthropology Teaching Laboratory

The Anthropology Teaching Laboratory located in Piskor Hall 14 is a well-equipped resource for staff and students. The facilities, dedicated to anthropological teaching, include the following resources:

  • Human skeletal material (casts + real)
  • Modern human tooth collection (including more than 200 specimens)
  • Non-human primate skeletal material (more than 20 species)
  • Non-primate skeletal material (more than 40 species)
  • Ancient fossil human casts and tools
  • Surveying, excavating, osteometric, and anthropometric instruments
  • Computer (including Microsoft Office, Arc GIS), printer, and scanner

Anthropology Research Laboratory

The Anthropology Research Laboratory is located in Bewkes 330 and is dedicated to pursuits of anthropological knowledge. The laboratory includes the following resources:

  • Thin sectioning equipment (Buehler Isomet and Ecomet)
  • Fume hood
  • Stereo and trinocular stereo boom (fitted with a 5MP camera) microscopes
  • The Tell Leilan skeletal collection from ancient Syria
  • Non-primate skeletal material
  • Ethnographic materials
  • Computer and printer
  • Student lounge