Anthropology Courses

Anthropology is the study of humanity. Its subject of study encompasses the range of human experience among the peoples of the world, and its aims are to understand what people do or have done, and why. In fact, every aspect of human beings, from their DNA molecules to their beliefs about the supernatural, from the beginnings of primate evolution to the present, raises anthropological questions. Some of the most interesting of these questions remain to be answered. For these and many other reasons, anthropology is central to the liberal arts. The anthropology program is designed to cultivate a lively curiosity about the human experience, a deeper understanding of cultures and diverse ways of life, including our own. It works toward developing an informed, comparative sense of the human experience, past and present, and of the many ways of knowing, understanding and communicating. These studies encourage critical reasoning abilities and skills that promote a life of continuous learning, which are of immeasurable value in pursuing a range of careers and goals in a world in which global diversity has become, more than ever, an inescapable aspect of life.