Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies


Ali Pomponio

The Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies was established in 2012 by students, colleagues, and friends of the late Professor of Anthropology Dr. Alice "Ali" Pomponio to support the international studies program at St. Lawrence University. This award celebrates and honors Ali's contributions to the field of Anthropology, her many years of service to St. Lawrence University, and her dedication to the fortunate students who benefited from her commitment to teaching and her passion for ethnographic fieldwork.

The Award:
The Ali Pomponio Research Award for International Studies will be given to a student majoring or minoring in anthropology who is undertaking research activities associated either with a study abroad program or with an independent project abroad. The award will be used to support the costs of transportation and lodging while undertaking research abroad during the summer months or during the school year. This research award may be combined with other awards, and students are encouraged to explore other funding opportunities.  The award totals $600.

Selection and Eligibility:
Selection of the recipient will be made by the Department of Anthropology in collaboration with the Center for International and Intercultural Studies (CIIS) based on the following guidelines:

  1. Preference will be given to a student majoring or minoring in anthropology.
  2. If no student proposing a qualified project meets the above criteria, then preference will be given to a student whose research and travel builds on work done in an anthropology class.
  3. Recipients must present the results of their research during the Anthropology Salon upon their return.

Application Process:
Applicants will choose a Department of Anthropology faculty member to help in the development of their research project. Once the project is developed, the applicant will fill in the online application form (see link below).

Noon, April 1, 2024

Past recipients:

2023 Alessandro Marangelli '24 for "Rights of Nature in Whanganui, Aotearoa: Connecting Local Struggles to Larger Global Structures" (learning about Maori perspectives on a river whose rights have been legally recognized)

2022 Abby Bienfang '23 for "Huari-Ancash Bioarchaeology Research Project in Peru" (studying burial methods in the field and in the lab)

2022 Yuchen Liang Dec '22 for "China's 'Involuted Generation' in Education" (interviewing Chinese students about life under pressure)

2019 Svetlana Kononenko '21 for "Gestures on the Mountain of Languages: Exploration of Manual Languages in Mountain Villages of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia" (studying sign languages in the northern Caucasus)

2018 Haley Gregorich '19 for "Forensic Aviation Archaeological Field Experience" (excavating a WW2 plane crash in Normandy, France)

2015 Christian Brown '16 for "River Spanish Creole" (gathering lexical and oral historical data on a post-creole language in the Peruvian Amazon)

2014  Jakob Hand '15 for "Wales in the Tea Leaves" (doing ethnographic fieldwork in Welsh tea houses in Gaiman, Argentina)