Experiential Co-requisite Presentation

Your Experiential Co-requisite presentation will take place during an Anthropology Salon scheduled by the department.  It should take the form of an informative poster (text and visuals) to be presented in poster session format, with audience members circulating around the room to read your poster and get into conversation with you about it.  You should also prepare a brief (around two minutes) spoken summary so that you can explain when people ask about your experience in general.  For study abroad programs and Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses, you may either present a project you completed during the program or course or you can develop a new poster presentation based on some aspect of your experience; whichever you choose, the work you present must be of anthropological relevance.  In all cases, it would also be valuable for us to hear something about the experience of carrying out the research, studying abroad, attending the field school or CBL course, doing the internship, or learning the language.  Please develop an interesting and informative title for your poster so that we can send out a detailed invitation e-mail to all majors and minors.