Alumni Association Constitution

Alumni Association Logo

Article I

Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this organization shall be "The St. Lawrence University Alumni Association ("Association"). It shall be the purpose of the Alumni Association at all times to be of service to the University, to maintain and stimulate interest in the University, and to assist in raising funds for the University.
  2. The Association shall be composed of all alumni of St. Lawrence University.
  3. The activities of the Association shall be guided by an EXECUTIVE COUNCIL composed and selected as provided in this Constitution. The EXECUTIVE COUNCIL shall serve as a consulting body on major issues and decisions affecting the University, be of service to the alumni, and act as liaison between the University and its alumni.

Article II


  1. There shall be an annual meeting of the Association in Canton, New York and such other meetings as may be called by the President of the Association. The annual meeting is traditionally held during Reunion Weekend, the largest annual gathering of alumni, or at such other time and place as the Executive Council may determine. Notice of the meeting shall be published in the St. Lawrence University Magazine or by special notice mailed by the President of the Association at least four weeks prior to the meeting. Thirty-five members shall constitute a quorum at any annual meeting.

Article III


  1. The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be elected by and preside over the Executive Council. No individual may simultaneously hold more than one officer position.
  2. The term of an officer shall be two (2) years. The officers shall serve from the commencement of the annual meeting at which their election is announced until the commencement of the annual meeting two years thereafter.
  3. Only a member of the Executive Council may be nominated as an officer of the Association. Upon election or appointment as an officer, an individual is deemed to vacate his/her alumni class category membership.
  4. No officer elected by the Executive Council shall be eligible to serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

Article IV

Executive Council

  1. The Executive Council shall carry out the duties prescribed for it in this Constitution and shall take such other action, as it may deem proper in the best interest of St. Lawrence University and the Association. In exercising its functions, the Executive Council shall have power to expend the funds of the Association.
  2. The Executive Council shall be composed of the following voting members:
    1. The officers of the Association.
    2. Thirty (30) members, six in each of five alumni group categories established to provide balanced representation. The five alumni class categories shall be established by the Executive Council, in consultation with the University Representative, so as to create five groupings of adjoining classes such that each grouping approximates twenty percent (20%) of the alumni body. These alumni class categories shall be periodically reviewed and adjusted by the Executive Council. New members are elected annually by the Alumni Association for a term of three years.
    3. Up to three (3) additional members may be appointed for a three (3) year term by the President of the Executive Council during the President's term of office.
    4. At least two representatives of the undergraduate student body selected by processes to be prescribed by the Executive Council. These representatives will serve for a term of one year.
  3. No member of the Executive Council elected by the Alumni Association pursuant to paragraphs 2-B or appointed by the President pursuant to 2-C above shall be eligible to serve as such a member for more than two consecutive terms. All terms shall be established so as to expire at the end of the annual meeting of the Association held during Reunion Weekend. Similarly, all terms shall generally commence at the annual meeting of the Association.
  4. The designated representative of the University ("University Representative") shall be invited to attend the meetings of the Executive Council. That person may participate in discussion of Council business but is not eligible to vote.
  5. The Executive Council shall meet at least four (4) times each year. Twelve (12) Council members shall constitute a quorum for any meeting. Any action to be taken by the Executive Council shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of those present and voting at the meeting. In the absence of a quorum, any meeting of the Executive Council may remain convened to discuss Council business, but no business may be transacted which requires a vote of the Council.
  6. Chairpersons and members of the standing committees shall be appointed annually by the President of the Association after seeking input from members and in consultation with the other officers. The five standing committees are: Membership and Honors; Saints Network and Reunion; Career Services; Development, and Admissions. The number, mission, and name of standing committees may be changed by action of the Executive Council. The Membership and Honors Committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson and at least one representative from each class category, as described in Article IV, section 2-B. The President may from time to time appoint such other committees of the Executive Council as deemed proper, with the approval of the Executive Council.
  7. The Steering Committee of the Executive Council shall be composed of the officers of the Association and the chairpersons of the standing committees. The Steering Committee shall have the powers of the Executive Council when the Council is not in session and shall meet as deemed necessary. Any action taken by the Steering Committee shall be by a majority vote of the members of such committee.

Article V

Voting and Elections

  1. All members of the Association shall be entitled to vote in the election for members of the Executive Council as provided for in this Article, and upon any matter which shall come before any meeting of the Association.
  2. Candidates for the Executive Council shall be chosen by the Membership and Honors Committee in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Article.
  3. As needed to fill vacancies in any of the five alumni class categories as described in Article IV, section 2-B, the Membership and Honors Committee shall present nominees to the Executive Council for approval at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Council.
  4. Any member of the Association may recommend an alumnus for membership on the Executive Committee by submitting the candidate's name and any pertinent information to the President of the Association, the Chair of Membership and Honors, or the University liaison.
  5. All proposed new members of the Executive Committee will be presented at the annual meeting at Reunion for approval.
  6. Elections of officers will be held in even number years. Nominations will be called for at the meeting preceding the winter meeting on campus. Nominations of another or oneself for a specific office should be received by the Chair of the Membership and Honors Committee by an announced date. The M&H Committee will prepare a slate and present that slate at the winter business meeting. Additional nominations for officer positions may be made in writing to the chair of the M&H Committee with the written consent of the nominee, no less than two weeks prior to the date of the meeting when the election of officers is to be held. At the final business meeting of the year, the Executive Council shall hold an election of officers from the slate presented and any additional nominations. The candidate for each office receiving the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected. In the event of a tie, the current President of the Association shall cast the deciding vote.
  7. Any member or officer may resign from membership on the Executive Council and/or an officer position by submitting a written resignation to the President or any other officer. The resignation shall be effective upon the date specified. Any vacancy occurring in an office of the Association shall be filled by vote of the Executive Council.

Article VI

Amendments and By-Laws

  1. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Association present at any annual or special meeting, provided that the proposed amendment(s) shall have been published with notice of such meeting. The Executive Council shall have the authority to develop, implement, and amend By-Laws covering the business and purpose of the Executive Council so long as any such By-Laws are consistent with and not in contradiction of the express provisions of the Constitution.

Article VII

Effective Date

  1. This Constitution shall take effect upon its adoption by the members of the Alumni Association or as it may thereafter be amended in accordance with Article VI.