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Student Accessibility Services


Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office is located in Fox Hall and provides information regarding support services at St. Lawrence University. Every effort is made to individually and appropriately serve students to enable them to attain success and reach their goals. Our staff is made up of the director and assistant director who provide a wide range of support services and accommodations for students with learning differences and or medical conditions.

The SAS office works with 18.7% of the campus population and we work with students who have documented learning differences or medical condition(s). It is important that students self-identify and reach out to our office early on in their academic career to receive reasonable accommodations. We are here to assist students if you suspect you have a learning difference but have not been tested you should still reach out to our office for assistance as we can guide and navigate you with the referral process to be tested. If you have a medical condition we can also assist students.  We are here to help students and encourage students to reach out to us right away if they are seeking accommodations.