Registration: Cross-Registration for Staff | St. Lawrence University Registrar's Office

Registration: Cross-Registration for Staff

Cross-registration is a cooperative program designed to expand the educational opportunities available to employees of the four colleges of the consortium: St. Lawrence, Clarkson, SUNY Canton and SUNY Potsdam. It provides full-time employee at a member college the opportunity to enroll in a course offered by another member college to improve the depth and variety of an approved academic program. Each course will be billed as though it were a course from St. Lawrence University. 

Each cross-registered course and its associated grade will appear on the St. Lawrence transcript as resident credit, but will be noted as having been taken at a member school. Courses will be noted in units per St. Lawrence University policy on credits from other sources. (e.g. 3 semester hour courses from member schools will appear with a unit value of .83). 

Staff Instructions 

  • Obtain a cross-registration form from the registrar's office. 
  • Determine if the cross-registered course will satisfy graduation or other program requirements as appropriate. 
  • Obtain the following signatures:
    • St. Lawrence University advisor
    • SLU department chairperson
    • host institution course instructor (Request signature on the first day of class). 
  • Return the cross-registration form with all signatures to the registrar's office at St. Lawrence. 

Responsibilities & Limitations 

  • Employees may cross-register for a maximum of two courses per academic year. An academic year includes fall, spring and summer. 
  • The instructor may ask a cross-registered staff member to wait until all students at the host institution are enrolled, as cross-registration is provided on a space available basis. 
  • It is the employee's responsibility to determine if the cross-registered course will satisfy requirements for graduation, license, certification or other or other program requirements as appropriate. 
  • Cross-registrants must pay any special course fees or associated fees which are expected of students at the host institution. 
  • Cross-registrants must adhere to St. Lawrence policies and procedures for incompletes, withdrawals, pass/fail or add/drop of a course. 
  • All employees taking a course at a host college must abide by all appropriate attendance regulation, honor systems, parking regulation etc. at the host institution. Cross-registrants are individually responsible for arranging to keep up with course work despite calendar disjunctions.
  • Employee cross-registrants must meet the same course requirements and prerequisites as any other student.  Cross-registrants must follow all employer procedures and regulations.  

Further information may be obtained at the Associated Colleges homepage.