Conduct Information

The Associate Dean for Student Life and Community Standards is committed to educating students about the Student Code of Responsibility as listed beginning on p. 8 of the Student Handbook.  In addition, they work to develop students’ decision-making skills enabling them to act with a sense of responsibility to self and community.

Other responsibilities of the Associate Dean for Student Life and Community Standards are as follows:

  • Supervise the Judicial process and provide training for the Student Judiciary Board with a focus on student responsibility for self and community.
  • Providing insight into the value of a St. Lawrence education.
  • Closely monitor students with drug and alcohol issues.
  • Develop individual behavioral contracts/guidelines for respective students to follow as they work with the Health and Counseling Center.
  • Work closely with the alcohol/drug counselor to assess those that clearly abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Work with parents as partners to address their students’ issues.
  • Restorative Justice – coordinate with Residence Life to address low-level infractions.
  • Evaluate students with behavioral issues that have been referred by faculty and staff. In return offer a recommendation and/or a referral.

Contact the Associate Dean for Student Life and Community Standard Jodi Canfield at