Student Life Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan

The Student Life Division is deeply committed to the fundamental principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our departments have demonstrated that commitment in a variety of ways that benefit all of the St. Lawrence community, but particularly the student body. Some examples include: development of a mandatory DEI component of new student orientation that for the past two years has been preceded by an online DEI course that students must complete prior to matriculation; designing and offering the faculty-staff certificate course Raising Cultural Awareness 101; DEI training and workshops for Community Assistants and Orientation Leaders; creation of the new Wellness Office that supports wellness programming and activities for all students including those from underrepresented identity groups; and expanding art exhibits in the Student Center to reflect the diversity of out student body. The Student Life Division recognizes that principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are woven into much of the work of the division and puts forward these specific goals for the 2022:

Overarching goals for Student Life:

  1. Each Student Life Department will be tasked with developing and maintaining a departmental DEI plan addressing the five themes of the strategic action plan for diversity and inclusion.

    • The plans will be evaluated and updated on an annual basis. (cultivate)
  2. This academic year, each Student Life department will be tasked to conduct an evaluation of policies and procedures, including inter-departmental collaboration and review, both to ensure that policies and procedures don’t implicitly disadvantage or privilege certain social identity groups as well as to confirm that processes are designed and implemented in a way that supports the needs of all students and the SLU community. (cultivate)
  3. Each Student Life department will designate one individual to review its own website as well as the Student Life web pages to ensure that they are user-friendly, accessible, and reflect the diversity of our SLU student body. Departments will be charged with recommending improvements. (foster)
  4. Require all vacancies to assign a trained diversity advocate to search committees. (expand)
  5. Encourage staff members to participate in diversity advocacy training (cultivate/expand)
  6. In departmental annual reports, require all departments to reflect on the ways in which they have contributed to fostering an inclusive community for all and in the professional development programs in which they have participated. (foster/infuse)
  7. Encourage staff members who teach to infuse DEI themes/values into their courses and require participation in co-curricular events that showcase DEI (infuse)
  8. Student Life will regularly offer opportunities for staff to gather and connect, in ways both formal (e.g., through divisional meetings) and informal (e.g., through holiday and end-of-year gatherings), in order to engage with one another and to share ideas and strategies for DEI work. (connect)
  9. Departments will be urged to work together to develop programming designed to address DEI student and staff needs, both within the division and outside (e.g., with HEOP, Advancement, and Admissions). (connect)