Student Complaint Resolution Options

St. Lawrence University provides the following information to guide in our complaint resolution processes. Our faculty and staff will strive to resolve complaints internally, using policies and procedures outlined in the University Catalog or Student Handbook. Students should work with these processes in as timely a manner as possible. For procedures regarding:

  • Academic Grade Appeal: refer to the Academic Policies and the student grade appeal procedures available in the Student Handbook.
  • Academic Honesty Violations: refer to the Student Handbook or consult the academic dean.
  • Non-Academic Complaints: refers to incidents of unprofessional behavior and other complaints that are not of an academic grade concern. Contact the department chair or academic dean for assistance.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act: refer to Disability and Accessibility Services Office
  • Harassment or Discrimination based on protected status
  • Affirmative Action: refer to Human Resources
  • Title IX
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): refer to the Registrar,
  • Criminal Activity: Complaints involving matters of a criminal nature, such as assault, battery, and theft should be directed to the Security and Safety at 315-229-5555.
  • Website Accessibility: If you have problems using our website, refer to the Accessibility Information Page
  • Housing or Room Maintenance Issues: Complaints involving University housing can be reported through the online work order request system or reported directly to a Community Assistant, Residential Coordinator, other Residential Life staff member, the Associate Dean of Student Life, or Campus Safety and Security.

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