Personal Finance and Budgeting

Personal Finance is how an individual manages their income, assets, debts, spending and all the decisions related to these.  Budgeting is creating a plan to manage your income and expenses and can assist in reaching specific goals such as financing a down payment or vacation.  The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is a non-profit organization working to promote financial literacy and provides a free online resource called CashCourse.  St. Lawrence University students and alumni are encouraged to register and use the tools and information provided.  These include articles and tools related to budgeting, credit, debit, banking, savings and more.

Another excellent site providing information and tools for money management is offered by Mapping Your Future, a non profit organization committed to helping students and families understand the financial issues surrounding a college education.  Their website describes the processes and obligations surrounding student loans and provides practical money management solutions to achieve healthy finances while in school and beyond.