Registration, Drop & Withdrawals for Matriculated Graduate Students

Course Registrations:

Matriculated Students

Non-Matriculated Students

Dropping A Course

  1. Drops are submitted on a graduate-level Add/Drop Form.
  2. Student signature is required 
  3. Add/Drop Period:
    1. Submission period: Drops are accepted during the first full week of classes for fall/spring semesters (first 3 days of summer sessions) for all students.  Refer to the Events Calendar for correct deadlines.
    2. A drop removes the course from the transcript.
    3. There is no limit on drops.
    4. Students may request from the Academic Petitions Committee a late schedule change with instructor and advisor permission. Approved late changes are subject to a $50 late change fee.

Course Withdrawals

  1. Submitted to the Registrar's Office on a graduate-level Withdrawal Form.
  2. Signatures required: instructor, department chair, and student signatures. 
  3. Submission period: AFTER the first full week of classes and until the end of the 10th week of classes for fall/spring (first 3 days through the end of the second week for Summerterm).  Refer to the Events Calendar for correct deadlines.
  4. Displays course with “W” grade on the transcript and no refund of payment is issued.
  5. Limited to (2) course withdrawals during the academic career.
  6. If the Withdrawal Form is not submitted before the deadline, the student remains enrolled in the course and is graded accordingly. 

Medical Withdrawal

  1. Submitted on a medical withdrawal request form and processed by the Education Department.
  2. Students may apply to the chairperson of the Education Department for a medical withdrawal from a course, the semester, or the program. Documentation from an appropriate medical, psychiatric or psychological professional must be provided at the time of application. The registrar enters a “WM” grade for all enrolled courses.

    The medical withdrawal would continue for the remainder of the semester and for at least one additional semester. The chairperson of the Education Department may grant a medical withdrawal for the semester immediately preceding the semester for which the student is registered, provided (1) the withdrawal is for the entire semester and (2) in her/his judgment, application for the medical withdrawal could have been made and would have been granted for that semester.

    Only in consultation with the chairperson of the Education Department, and under unusual, documented circumstances, may a medical withdrawal be granted for a semester prior to the last semester for which the student was registered.

    If a withdrawal for medical reasons is approved, the registrar enters a “WM” grade for each course involved. Financial medical withdrawal credits for graduate students are decided upon on a case by case basis.  Please visit the Student Account Administrator in the Student Financial Services Office (Sullivan Student Center, Room 315) for more information.

    If a student who is on a medical withdrawal from the university applies for readmission to St. Lawrence, the student’s physician or another certified medical professional must supply the Education Department with a letter giving professional assurance that the student has recovered from the medical problem and that there is a reasonable assurance that the student can successfully resume his or her career at St. Lawrence.

Program/Semester Withdrawal

  1. Submitted on a graduate-level program/semester withdrawal request and processed by the Education Department.