Pass/Fail Grades

A student is permitted to elect up to four semester course units of work to be graded Pass/Fail during their four years in college. The Pass/Fail option may be chosen for semester course units taken to satisfy distribution requirements or any elective semester units outside the major or minor.


The purpose of the option is to encourage students to explore new areas of study in which they are interested but have little or no background. The Pass/Fail option is not offered to allow for the removal of deficient mid- or late-term grades incurred, nor to justify reduced effort in a course.  


  • Semester course units in the student’s major and minor fields cannot be taken on a Pass/ Fail basis after the major and minor are declared. 
  • No more than one optional Pass/Fail course can be taken in any semester.
  • The Pass/Fail option requires the written consent of the instructor by the end of the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semesters. In summer session, students may avail themselves of the option within the first 8 days of classes.
  • A student must attain a minimum of a 1.0 grade to receive a Pass for the course.  Students should be aware that grades of 0.0 (F) are calculated in the grade point average.  Although the P grade is not calculated in the grade point average, P grades may place students at a competitive disadvantage when they apply for admission to some graduate or professional schools.