Receiving a Diploma

Diplomas are awarded during Commencement in May and then in August if all* graduation requirements are satisfied.  Diplomas are mailed to August graduates or students excused in writing from Commencement approximately 2-3 weeks after the applicable conferral date.  

Information on a Diploma

The following information appears on each diploma:

  • student's legal name as it appears in our system, 
  • degree, 
  • latin honors (if applicable).  

The following information prints on an official transcript, but NOT a diploma:

  • major / minor,
  • academic honors other than departmental honors

All diplomas are printed in Latin.  Select one of the following for a generic English translation:  B.A / B.S.  ~  M.Ed   ~  M.S

*Graduation requirements includes academic as well as financial obligations owed to the university.