Diploma Quick Facts

Diplomas are ONLY issued with a conferral date in either May or August

  • May: Graduates who have completed all their requirements prior to commencement receive their diploma during the ceremony. Diplomas are mailed to those students who are unable to attend commencement and have been excused in writing.
  • August: Students who complete their requirements between commencement and the August conferral date (see the Registrar's Office calendar) receive their diploma in the mail in early September.  These diplomas bear an August graduation date.
  • December Completers: Students who complete their requirements after the August conferral date, but before the following May fall into the category of "December Completers". As such, they are considered subsequent May graduates and receive their diplomas with a May conferral date at that time. Students completing requirements during this time receive a notation on their official transcript stating that their requirements are complete as of their specific completion date.

Diplomas DO list

  • Student name as entered by the student in the "diploma name" field when the declaration to graduate is submitted.
  • Type of Degree, either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science as determined by the primary major.
    • Double majors: Only one diploma is issued based on the primary major.
  • Latin Honors

Diplomas do NOT list

  • Majors or minors
  • Certifications
  • Honors other than Latin Honors
    • Official transcripts list majors/minors, certifications, PBK and departmental honors.

Diplomas are printed exclusively in Latin

  • English translations may be found in the commencement program or on our Alumni Resources page under the “Transcripts and Diplomas” section.