Paddling at St. Lawrence University

Our goal within the river component of the Outdoor Program is to provide a safe, but challenging environment for students to develop their leadership skills, while encouraging a sustainable form of environmental and wilderness ethic. In addition, we've found that students gain an appreciation for the local area and its resources above and beyond what other students experience during their time in the North Country. Many O.P.-involved students leave St. Lawrence with a body of river knowledge and skill that has carried over into life-long recreation and a love of the outdoors.  Each year, some of our graduating students go on to use the knowledge as outdoor teaching or guiding professionals.  We willing work with other colleges and universities to further their river programs as well.

Recent SLU paddling trips included multi-day expedition whitewater canoe trips in Ontario and Quebec, day trips kayaking local whitewater on the Grasse, Raquette, St. Regis, and Oswegatchie Rivers, and whitewater canoe and kayak trips to Tennessee, West Virginia, the Carolina's, and central Costa Rica.  

For those with less time to commit, The Canoe Shack on the Little River provides the campus community with boats to explore the Little and Grasse Rivers' on a more spontaneous basis. Last fall, the ‘Shack saw over 350 students and faculty take advantage of the canoes and kayaks.

Through the Hadwen Guide program and the Canoe Shack alone, the water-based programming employs fifteen students annually. Not typical student work, these students gain a sense of ownership, responsibility, and leadership skills while on the job.

It is our hope that the Outdoor Program's water-based opportunities and course-offerings will help support national trends toward a more outdoor-oriented populace. Finding value in unpolluted, pristine rivers, whether intrinsically or recreationally, is the first step in conserving and preserving these resources for future generations.

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