Charles B. Scanlon Award


Charlie Scanlon 1
Charlie Scanlon

Charles B. Scanlon was an amazing young man; intelligent, witty, always enthusiastic, always upbeat, always ready for anything.  He was a gifted athlete and fearless; Charlie was not afraid to embarrass himself if given the opportunity to try something new.  The moment he mastered a skill, he was anxious to teach it to someone else.  He was an exceptional member of our Outdoor Program community. 

Charlie passed away in a backcountry accident in Australia in 2009.  After his passing and in his memory, Charlie's parents provided an award in his honor to recognize two senior Outdoor Program guides who, like Charlie, demonstrate exceptional leadership among their peers and embrace life’s daily adventures with poise, a sense of purpose, and boundless enthusiasm.

Students that are granted this award have emulated the positive leadership that Charlie exhibited during his time at St. Lawrence.  They have worked tirelessly, many times unpaid, to further the scope and reach of the Outdoor Program.  They have introduced countless students to the outdoors and outdoor recreation. 

Recipients of this award have demonstrated diligence and attention to detail in the area of program preparation, instruction, and skill development that have made them stand out among their peers.  They have worked tirelessly during their time at St. Lawrence to help provide our campus with a smoothly operating and far-reaching Outdoor Program. 

The Outdoor Program is strong and growing, specifically because of the strong leadership of Charles B. Scanlon recipients.