LGBTQIA Academics

Gender and Sexuality Studies

St. Lawrence University offers an interdisciplinary minor in gender and sexuality studies. The program explores how we define gender and sexuality in contemporary culture through analyzing the complex ways race, age, class, nation, ability and religion shape our identities. Vibrant classrooms that combine writing, reading, performance, new media, technology and group work give students the critical thinking skills and tools to become change makers.
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Scholarly Resources

The University Libraries has a variety of scholarly resources for LGBTQ-related research. There are several ways to find access to articles, books, e-books, videos, and more:

  • Encore - Encore is the online catalog for the university¬†Libraries. Users can search the catalog for the University's LGBTQ holdings, including at least 54 e-books.
  • Gender Studies Resources - Access GenderWatch, a database with over 300 titles, and additional related databases.
  • ConnectNY - ConnectNY is an online catalog in which users can view¬†collections from 18 academic libraries in NYS