Global Gateways Program

The Global Gateways Program on our campus was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Designed to help the growing number of international students better transition to academic and campus life at an American institution of higher education.

The program works to foster intercultural exchanges, while at the same time strengthening the bond between domestic and international students.

 As we enter our fourth year of the program, we are pleased with the impact the program has made on our campus community thus far. Students who have participated in the recent Global Gateways Summer Program had really great feedback about the effects of the program. We conducted a survey at the end of fall 2018 and 88% of our students participated, and here some of their reviews:

“It was a great start and helped prepare me for life in the US. I really am still friends with everyone from GGP and it helped me settle on campus before everyone else arrived."

For me, the Global Gateways Program was the perfect introduction to life as a college student. I was comfortable on campus, being in a college classroom setting, talking to teachers, and meeting new people. The two weeks is a time that I will always look back on with very fond memories. Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the Program.”

I liked the fact that I was welcomed by a specifically small community of students and faculty that made me feel safe and transition fairly well in the US for the first time.”

During the program, there are various activities, events, and short-courses planned for our incoming class of Global Gateways scholars. This program is scheduled during the end of the beautiful North Country summer, making it a great time for students to explore campus and the town they will be living in for the next four years. 

Welcome to St. Lawerence University! We hope to see you soon!

For More Information or questions regarding the program, please email Tsewang Lama, Coordinator of International Student Services at