Common Ground Connection Project


The Common Ground Connection’s mission is to bring people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures together to facilitate a better understanding of each other and the global community. The project connects and engages SLU International and Domestic students with local youth and community members as an opportunity to discuss global citizenship. In essence, it is an opportunity for participants to appreciate and recognize the importance of international and intercultural understanding and to celebrate diversity. Another main component of the project is to create public speaking and leadership opportunities within intercultural learning environments for which workshops will be available.


  1. CGC with Girl Scouts (Fall Semester)
  2. International Fashion Show (Spring Semester)
  3. Global Citizens in Action: Visiting local schools (Spring Semester)
  4. Culture through Language (Fall Semester)
  5. Poetry of The World (Fall Semester)
  6. CGC Chef (Fall Semester)
  7. CGC Dance Class (Fall Semester)

*More detailed information will be posted on Presence. Highly encourage study abroad participants to join events 2, 3 and 5 since it will allow you all to expand your knowledge of the world as well as incorporate and share your experience.

Project Contacts:

Contact: Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh (Common Ground Connections’ President)

Megan Putney (Common Ground Connections’ Advisor)