Campus Activities and Involvement

International students at St. Lawrence are involved in a broad scope of campus activities including student government, clubs and organizations, theme communities, fraternities and sororities, academic and leadership honoraries, and athletics.

There are also several campus groups that focus on international and cultural exchange and may be of particular interest to international students.

International House (I-House)
I-House is a residential theme community that offers internationally-minded students a place to gather. International students and students returning from abroad are especially encouraged to apply, but any member of the SLU community with interests in intercultural and international issues is welcome. Located in the 2600's of Sykes, the I-House offers campus-wide programs that range from weekly Tea Time and international film showings, to bigger events such as the yearly Africa Night or Kaleidoscope. I-House has an Instagram page. Follow us!

African Student Union (A.S.U.)
A.S.U. is a campus organization that promotes awareness about Africa in the St. Lawrence community, builds solidarity among Africans on campus and provides discussion on issues related to Africa for students, faculty administrators and alumni interested in Africa.

A.S.I.A. (Asian Students Intercultural Organization)
A.S.I.A. is a campus organization that works to raise awareness of Asian culture on campus.

Common Ground Connection Project

The Common Ground Connection’s mission is to bring people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures together to facilitate a better understanding of each other and the global community. The project connects and engages SLU International and Domestic students with local youth and community members as an opportunity to discuss global citizenship. In essence, it is an opportunity for participants to appreciate and recognize the importance of international and intercultural understanding and to celebrate diversity. Another main component of the project is to create public speaking and leadership opportunities within intercultural learning environments for which workshops will be available.

Islamic Culture Club (I.C.C.)
The I.C.C. is a campus organization that creates an environment where the students of the Islamic cultures can share their experiences with the SLU community and organizes Islamic programs and activities.

La Sociedad Hispana

This campus organization encourages students on campus to represent their culture and helps students on campus learn more about the Hispanic cultures from around the world while participating in activities within the St. Lawrence community

Literacy for Nepal
The goal of Literacy for Nepal is to promote projects that provide rural Nepali students access to higher levels of education and improve the infrastructure of educational institutions in rural Nepal.

And many more... You can find a comprehensive list of student organizations here. Here is a useful guide on organizing events on campus.