You will find many opportunities as a First-Year student to get engaged on campus, including taking on leadership roles in the first few weeks of the semester.

Student Activities

Athletics Facility Virtual Tour

Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Awards

Club and Organization Fair

Get involved and connected with the student clubs and organizations that create and host events and activities on campus at our Club and Organization Fair, offered at the end of the second week of each semester. Our 100+ student clubs and organizations are excited to welcome new students! 

First-Year Council 

The First Year Council, in collaboration with SLU’s student government, the Thelomathesian Society, provides leadership within the First Year class. It plans social activities, programs, manages the class social media page, and raises funds for celebrations like Senior Week. Anyone can join First Year Council, and we'll have sign-ups at the club and orientation fair in the second week of the semester; elections for executive positions within the council are in November each year.

Residential Programs

Your Community Assistant will design several activities in the fall semester to build community and make connections to your FYP course content. 

First-Year Cup


Outdoor Program

Varsity Sports

Volunteer Services

First-Year Research Exchange

William O'Brien First-Year Research Prizes

New Clubs and Organizations

Don't see what you're looking for? Start a new club or organization! It's not uncommon for first year students and new transfer students to start new clubs, and our Student Activities team has an easy guide to help.