Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Awards

Bradley R. Evers was a first-year student at St. Lawrence in the fall of 1990. He was very active in the First-Year Program (FYP), in organizing the First-Year Student Council and in many other co-curricular activities. Brad was an outstanding first-year student leader and was presented an award recognizing that fact on Moving-Up Day in the spring of 1991. Tragically, Brad died suddenly in the summer after his first year while he was attending summer school at Columbia University. Brad was admired by all and a model of leadership, ethical concern and social justice. The Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Awards were established in the memory of this amazing young man.

These awards are now presented each spring at the Student Organization and Leadership Awards Banquet during the last week of classes. FYP or FYS faculty and/or Residential Life professional staff nominate individuals, who then submit essays for review about their contributions to the first-year class and the campus as a whole. Nominees must be first-year students, have strong academic averages (normally over a 3.0), have been involved in a variety of academic and co-curricular activities, and have made positive contributions to their FYP/FYS classroom, their residence hall, and/or the first-year class as a whole.

Congratulations to the Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Award winners from the
Class of 2026:

Bacheller College
Amara McGowan

Buys College
Max Cole
Norah Dempsey

Crary College
Cordelia Sherwood

Gaines College
Sam Hunt
Jackie Malley

Heaton College
Francesca Mnenula
Lilia Smith

Herrick College
Brooke Martindale
Connor Meigher

Holmes College
Andraz Seslar
Sara St. Clair

McKay College
Navya Aggarwal
Emily Perez

Manley College
Will de Chabert
Skyler Harris

O’Connor College
Lydia Bruno

Pomponio College
Keith Omane-Agyei

Romer College
Caroline Hamilton

Sprague College
Olivia Fong
Margaret Layman
Evangeline Norman

Young College
Alex Ferguson