Teaching Careers

Teaching: a time honored profession

Becoming an English or Journalism teacher appeals to many English majors. 

There are a few ways to proceed. 

1. Advice: Take a few Education minor classes to prepare you for the classroom. Education 350 (helpful for classroom management); Education 305 (educational psychology to learn about how youth develop).

2. Private / Independent Schools (aka Prep Schools): 

To teach right out of college, you can become an English, Journalism, Drama, History, etc. teacher with your BA. Private schools (also called Independent or Prep Schools) do not require an education degree or a state certification. Just your BA in English is sufficient. 

Every year a recruiting firm for private schools (Carney, Sandoe & Associates) offers an information session followed by job interviews on campus or Skype. Carney, Sandoe & Associates has placed 23,500 teachers and administrators in private schools since 1977 and has thousands of positions available in all primary and secondary subjects. Moreover, all services are free to the job-seeking candidate. There are other search firms out there, especially if you want a position beyond the East Coast.

If you went to a private school and would like to return there as a teacher, get in contact with your former teachers ASAP so they can see if a position can open up for you when you graduate. 

You may also apply directly to teaching position listed in the NAIS national database. Note: Carney, Sandoe will have ten times as many jobs as listed on NAIS. 

Note: NAIS also list positions in admissions, advancement, athletics, and business services for independent schools.

3. Teach for America. 2 year program where you teach in underserved urban or rural schools (K-12). You also receive funds for graduate school or student loans at the end of the program. Average GPA for those accepted is 3.5. During your nights, you will get your Masters degree and teaching certification. You will work in public schools.

4. Teaching Fellows for select cities. NYC, Boston, and a consortium of cities (Baltimore, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, LA, New Orleans, and Minneapolis) have their own versions of Teach for America. Google the city of interest to find out if they have a similar program.

5. Get a masters/certificate to teach in a public school. SLU is working to develop collaborations with other schools who offer this: possibly Bard or SUNY Potsdam. You can also go to a program in the locale you'd like to live/work in.