Pre-Health Chemistry Major

A major in Pre-Health Chemistry provides basic preparation for post-bac programs in health fields including medical, veterinarian, dental and pharmacy. It also provides greater flexibility for those who wish to participate in study abroad programs or pursue additional majors or minors. As part of the degree, students take two courses that investigate the implications of various social constructs on health and healthcare. Students are required to complete:

  • General Chemistry (CHEM 103 & CHEM 104)
  • General Biology (BIOL 101 & BIOL 102)
  • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 221 & CHEM 222)
  • Biochemistry (CHEM 309)
  • Senior project (CHEM 489 and CHEM 490)
  • 2 Advanced Chemistry Courses selected from: Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 303), Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 306), Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Substances (CHEM324), Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy (CHEM 341), Thermodynamics and Kinetics (CHEM342), Advanced Biochemistry (CHEM415)
  • 2 Advanced Laboratory Courses selected from: Research Methods in Molecular Biology (BIOL 395), Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 306), Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM 351), Advanced Organic Synthesis (CHEM 354), Physical Chemistry (CHEM 353), Research Methods in Biochemistry (CHEM 394), Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 452), Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 451)
  • 2 Health in Society Courses selected from: Zombies, Epidemics & Illnesses in Francophone World (AFS 3045), Health and Healing in Africa (AFS 4015/HIST 4017), Medicines and Meanings (ANTH 3072), Anthropology of the Body (ANTH 4020), Cross Cultural Healing (BIOL/GS/REL 412), Sexuality Education (GNDR/EDU 325), Dis/Ability, Gender and Health (GNDR 4020), Global Public Health (GS 264), Global Health and Justice (GS268), Global Public Goods (GS 324), Rethinking Population, Health and Environment (GS365), Medicine and Empire (HIST 3047), Taboo Performances (PCA 343), Against Health: Rhetoric & the Health Humanities (PCA 370), Foundations of Community Health (PH 3011), Introduction to Public Health (PH 216), Social Determinants of Health (PH 4001), Biomedical Ethics (PHIL 354), Health Psychology (PSYC 256),2  Women’s Health & Aging (SOC 225), Aging and Society w/ CBL (SOC 246), Medical Sociology (SOC 275), Death and Dying (SOC 308)         

Unless special permission is obtained in advance, two 0.5-unit SYE courses are required over two semesters. There is flexibility in how the SYE requirement is met. Please discuss options with your advisor. In rare cases, permission may be obtained to complete 1.0 unit in a single semester.

One semester of calculus (Math 135) and two semesters of physics (either PHYS 103, PHYS 104 or PHYS 151, PHYS 152) are also required. We recommend completing the math requirements in the first year and physics during the second.

Note that to fulfill prerequisites for moving from Chemistry 103 to 104 a grade of 1.75 is required. To advance from Chemistry 104 to 221 and 205, from 221 to 222 and from 222 to 309 requires a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Sample Course Schedule for Pre-Health Chemistry Major