Courses in Health Across the Curriculum

Being educated in the liberal arts means that you learn how to think across boundaries. You may learn about a topic in your chemistry class one day and the next day learn about the same topic from a whole new perspective in a sociology course. As a health professional, becoming a flexible thinker, able to see situations from different angles will mean you can help more people with more complex problems. They will appreciate your insights and you will find more meaning in you work. Below is a list of some of the courses that exemplify boundary crossing courses at SLU.

AFS 3045 Zombies, Epidemics & Illnesses in Francophone World
AFS 4015/HIST 4017 Health and Healing in Africa
ANTH 3072 Medicines and Meanings
ANTH 4020 Anthropology of the Body
BIOL/GS/REL 412 Cross Cultural Healing
FRPG 2151 Neuroscience of Stress
GNDR 4020 Dis/Ability, Gender and Health
GS 268 Global Health and Justice
HIST 3047 Medicine and Empire
PCA 343 Taboo Performances
PCA 370 Against Health: Rhetoric & the Health Humanities
PH 216: Introduction to Public Health
PH 4001: Social Determinants of Health
PHIL 354 Biomedical Ethics
PSYC 256 Health Psychology
SOC 225 Women’s Health & Aging
SOC 246 Aging and Society w/CBL
SOC 275 Medical Sociology
SOC 308 Death and Dying