Chemistry Club


The Chemistry Club at St. Lawrence University consists of an officially recognized student chapter of the national American Chemical Society and is made up of chemistry, biochemistry, and neuroscience majors and minors, as well as other students who just enjoy science. Throughout the academic year, we organize a variety of activities, some of which are described below, and we hope that you will consider joining in. We are always eager to welcome new members with fresh ideas! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

President – Brooke Westcom
Vice President – Melinda Barath
Treasurer – Macie Cunningham
Secretary - Lydia Oikonomou
Faculty Advisor – Dr. Samuel Tartakoff


2023 SOAR Picture American Chemical Society


SOAR Class (Fall Semester): this is a fun opportunity to get community members engaged in chemistry and informed about the way it affects our daily lives. Each Fall, we plan and prepare a variety of chemistry demonstrations, which we present in a 90 minute class to a group of retirees through the local SOAR program. We’re never sure who has a better time…the students presenting or the students attending the classes!

Review sessions for General Chemistry: as often as we can, we try to hold evening review sessions before the Chem 103 and Chem 104 exams. Snacks are provided by the Chemistry Club budget and the club also provides expertise in the form of juniors and seniors who did well in general chemistry and want to help the next generation of students succeed.

Outreach to Canton Public School (Spring Semester): nothing reminds you of how much fun chemistry is better than watching 2nd graders get excited by chemistry demos. By invitation of the Canton Public School teachers, we prepare hands-on demonstrations for the kids, along with explanations that fit the age of our audience.