Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry Combined Major

Students graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Chemistry will be well prepared for positions in multiple areas of the private and public sector.  Industry examples include environmental analysis and consulting, waste and water treatment, forensics analysis, environmental health and safety, state and federal environmental agency work, quality assurance in manufacturing, renewable energy, and research.

Environmental chemistry graduates will be well suited to apply for graduate programs and research projects in (but not limited to) chemistry, geology, atmospheric, marine, and earth sciences, and environmental law and policy.

This major combines the areas of chemistry (CHEM) and environmental studies (ENVS) and is aimed at giving students a broad-based understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems. The requirements for Chemistry include CHEM: 103-104, 221-222, 205, 306, or 342, and one advanced labs.  Requirements from the environmental studies department include:  ENVS 101, ENVS335, three (3) environmental science and policy (ESP) courses, and 2 ENVS electives.  Note: ENVS 101 must be completed by the end of the fourth semester.  One of the ENVS electives must be a cross-listed social science course.

Other required courses - Math 135-136 is required of all majors.  Note that the calculus course is a prerequisite for chemistry 342, which is typically a third-year chemistry sequence.

Typical Course of Study for the Environmental Chemistry Combined Major

1st year   
CHEM 103-104 General Chemistry with lab
ENVS 101 Our Shared Environment
ENVS dual listed or cross listed social science/humanities elective (recommendations: Environmental Communication, Environmental Movements, Foundations for Environmental Thought)

MATH 135-136 Calculus

2nd year
CHEM 221-222 Organic Chemistry with lab
CHEM 205 Quantitative Analysis 

ENVS elective (GEOL 233 Geographic Information Systems strongly suggested)
3rd year
CHEM 342 Thermodynamics & Kinetics (preferred) or with permission CHEM 341 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy 
CHEM 306 Environmental Chemistry with lab
Two units ENVS Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) or Nature Society (NS) course

ABROAD Semester (please review with advisor for best options)

4th year
CHEM 452 Instrumental Analysis Lab (preferred) or with permission CHEM 353 Physical Chemistry Lab or CHEM 354 Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
Two units ENVS Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) or Nature Society (NS) course or approved research SYE

**NOTE: A minimum of two upper-level, 0.5 unit advanced laboratory courses selected from 351, 352, 353, and 452.

Sample Course Schedule for Environmental Studies-Chemistry Combined Major