Manager Time Entry Approval

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  1. From Office or using Virtual Private Network (VPN) at Home
  2. You must be on campus or connected via the VPN to access the SLU Portal
  3. To install it on your home computer, call the IT Helpdesk at (315) 229-5770 or go to the IT resource center
  4. Follow instructions for your hardware and operating system

Portal - Access on the Web

  1. Using Internet Explorer go to St. Lawrence University homepage -
  2. Click on Faculty and Staff tab
  3. Click on SLU Portal Login
  4. Enter Network User Name and Password
  5. Access to colleague functions that you are authorized for will show in the Colleague Web Access tab
  6. Click on Time Entry and Approval
  7. Click on Time Approval (for supervisors)
  8. Click the review entry box to review the employee's timesheet and hit submit
  9. If you are approving time for another supervisor, select their position from the drop-down box.  Only positions that you are authorized to approve on behalf of will be listed. 
  10. Each employee will have a record with benefit bank balances listed.
  11. The deadline by which the timesheet must be approved is indicated in the "Approve By Date"

Employee Timesheet

  1. "Regular Hours" column will be prefilled with the scheduled hours for most employees
  2. If hours are not worked, the total in the other columns should total this amount
  3. Leave (vacation), and sick time have unique columns
  4. If a Holiday is worked, hours should be entered in "Hours Worked" column and "Other Time Type" should be Holiday; otherwise, Holiday hours should be entered in "Other Time" column
  5. Other types of leave should be reported in the "Other Time" column and the appropriate Type selected from the drop-down box (e.g. bereavement, holiday)
  6. Approved Overtime hours should be entered in the "Other Time" column on the appropriate date and Daily Overtime selected in the "Other Time Type" column/if total weekly hours exceed 40, OT pay will be automatically calculated
  7. Shift Hours and Type should be used only by employees who work an evening or weekend shift

Supervisor Decision

  1. Indicate Approve/Reject in the supervisor decision drop-down box
  2. If rejected, send instructions to the employee via email by completing the E-mail, subject, comments and employee email address box
  3. When timesheet is once again submitted, review again
  4. Press submit to affect your action; you will receive a confirmation message