Current Updates

May Business Office Newsletter

  • Hertz rental car now offers negotiated rates to SLU employees for business or personal car rentals.  Enterprise/National is still our preferred rental car company, however Hertz is available as another option when necessary.  Details are available on the Travel information page:
  • St. Lawrence University in conjunction with the NY6 has signed an updated office products agreement with WB Mason Company.The NY6 leveraged an agreement with WB Mason and the Pandion Group to put together an extremely comprehensive program utilizing volume-based discounts, technology and delivery leading to significant savings for the University. WB Mason by far offered the most competitive overall pricing program as well as localized service and representation. WB Mason had overall savings of over 20% compared to the next competitor in the RFP process and will remain our preferred office products supplier for the University.  Details on how to order office supplies are available on the purchasing web page.  The ordering process remains the same.
  • The administration of university purchasing cards has moved from the Business Office to the Purchasing department.  Requests for cards and assistance with transactions as well as additions of object codes to the centresuite system should now be directed to the Purchasing Office.  Their contact information is 229-5908 or  More information regarding the university purchasing card is available at
  • Reminder for budget managers to please review your accounts to ensure all transactions are recorded properly as the end of our year is quickly approaching.  Please make sure you have all invoices received and paid.
  • For those of you who are going to request fellowship/internship payments, please note in the voucher comment section if students are international and if they will be in the US or outside, and if you want the amount grossed up to cover the income taxes.  You should also note where the check is to be delivered (direct deposit, SMC address, home address or elsewhere).  Please remember these international student payments may take longer to process as their country of taxation needs to be review for tax treaty with US.
  • Accounts Payable continues to process direct deposits payments weekly and the following are the dates for check processing:  May 13, 27 and June 3, 17, 30. 

If you have financial questions and need to know “who to contact”, please use the link below