Who to Contact in the Finance Division

*For general inquiries, please e-mail businessoffice@stlawu.edu

*If you don't know whom to send a question to based on the below, please e-mail businessoffice@stlawu.edu and your inquiry will be directed appropriately

*In general, the Decision Analysis, Planning, and Support team oversees the annual operating and capital budgets (left most column in the SLU Portal).  The Business Office supports “actuals” transactions (4th column in the SLU Portal).  The Purchasing Department can offer assistance with requisitioned and encumbered amounts.

Decision Analysis, Planning, and Support
Eric Shinnick
*Risk Management items with institution level implications
*Institutional financial strategy
*Financial risks (institution/division level)

Traci Grainger
*Inquiries, transfers, and coordination of an account’s allocated budget
*General questions on insurance and risk management
*Position approval
*COI requests (for proof of SLU insurance coverage)

Jessica Manning
*Ad hoc financial reporting (Historical spend from department all the way to division level)
*Ad hoc financial analysis
*Timesheet approver changes (faculty/staff)
*Position approval

Business Office
Carol Palmer

*Questions on the travel policy
*Support using CentreSuite including adding budget codes in CentreSuite
*Questions on cash receipts
*Vendor support using SupplierPay

Janet Rowe
*Questions on accounts payable not covered here
*Check voids and reissues

Scarlett Cameron
*Questions on GL "actuals" transactions
*Questions on the fixed asset policy
*Requests for reclassifying expenses

Deb Moschell
*Questions on paystubs
*Questions on W-2s
*General payroll questions not answered here

Maria Sergi
*Accounting matters related to auxiliary operations
*Accounting matters related to grants
*Questions related to the endowment 

Bridgett Osypiewski
*Creating new GL codes, including adding object codes to cost centers
*View and approval access through the SLU Portal
*Questions on the SLU financial statements or annual audit
*Questions on the 990

Other Departments

*Setting up new vendors
*Purchasing card issues/fraudulent transactions
*Questions on procurement procedures
*Assistance with sourcing goods and services

Student Financial Services
*Questions on student accounts
*1098T information