International Visitors Checklist

Before Arrival

_______ 1.         Six to eight weeks prior to visit send visitor “Invitation Letter

_______ 2.         Ask visitor if she/he has valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

_______ 3.         Ask visitor to complete appropriate W-8 Form.

_______ 4.         If the visitor is already in the U.S. ask for current visa status and who the sponsoring organization.

_______ 5.         If you plan to make an honorarium payment and/or reimburse the visitor for travel expenses, verify that your visitor has not received similar payments for more than five times in the last six months and that no payment was for a period that lasted more than nine days.

_______ 6.         Once you have issued the Invitation Letter and received a completed W-8, email both documents to Sebastian Notaro to verify that payment can be made and for confirmation of any tax treaties.

After Arrival

_______ 1.         Copy of Passport

________ 2.         Copy of I-94 Card

________ 3.         Copy of “Letter of Invitation”

________ 4.         SSN or ITIN information

________ 5.         Visitors on “B” visa status must sign the St. Lawrence University “B” Visa Status Statement.