Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Pilot Project Fall 2016 - Jessica Chapman and Ivan Ramler (Statistics)

The new general education requirements, taking effect in Fall 2013, include a course designated as “Quantitative or Logical Reasoning” (QLR). Courses can be designated as “QLR” by meeting the learning goals for either Quantitative Reasoning or Logical Reasoning. In particular, the new general education requirements specify that:

1.  Quantitative Reasoning Courses have primary learning goals in which students, through multiple opportunities and classroom instruction, develop their abilities to:
a.  address questions by examining quantitative evidence using appropriate methods of analysis and evaluation; and
b.  explain their conclusions and the quantitative methods they used in developing their reasoning.

In the fall semester of 2016, three faculty members from the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics participated in a pilot assessment of the University’s QLR general education requirement.  Read more...