Mapping Departmental Learning Goals

What is it?  Why do it?

A curriculum map is a simple matrix that illustrates the relationship between departmental learning goals and the department's curriculum. In illustrating which particular course or courses contribute to specific learning goals, the map can helps identify potential gaps that may exist in the curriculum or courses that don't correspond to any learning goals. The map is also a helpful planning tool for modifying learning goals, identifying high-priority assessment projects, and discussing changes to your curriculum.

What does a curriculum map look like?

It is a simple table or matrix with one column for each learning goal and one row for each course or required event/experience. Please use the template below charting your departmental learning goals against regular courses your department has offered in the previous 2 years. 

  • Please exclude any special topics courses.
  • Use the following key for indicating at what level the courses address these learning goals:  I=Introduced; R=Reinforced; M=Mastery demonstrated


Department: ___________

Key:  I=Introduced; R=Reinforced; M=Mastery demonstrated 

  Learning Goal 1 Learning Goal 2 Learning Goal 3 Learning Goal 4
Course 1 I   I I
Course 2   R    
Course 3 I   R  
Course 4        
Course 5       M

(adopted from John Carroll University)