Click here for a copy of the full legislation of the approved curriculum (including detailed explanations of the graduation requirements)

Links below map assessments written by the Assessment Committee to our academic learning goals.

Academic Learning Goals and Related Assessment Resources

  1. an ability to speak and write clearly, articulately, and persuasively;
  2. an ability to acquire, evaluate, and communicate information;
  3. an ability to analyze and resolve complex problems, both independently and collaboratively;
  4. an ability to reason quantitatively, logically, and/or symbolically;
  5. an ability to integrate knowledge from multiple perspectives (paper #3);
  6. an ability to critique and/or create artistic works;
  7. a knowledge of the complexity and diversity of the human experience (and paper #7);
  8. a knowledge of the complexity and diversity of the natural world, and
  9. a depth of understanding in at least one field.
  10. a capacity to examine critically the relationship between humans and technology (approved in 2017)

Graduation Requirements

I. Complete the requirements of a major

II. General education requirements
C. The Human Experience and the Natural World
     (4 units; one each in Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences)
D. Human Diversity: Culture and Communication (2 units)
E. Quantitative/Logical Reasoning (QLR) (1 unit)
F. Integrated Learning Component
G. Environmental Literacy (EL) (1 unit)