Alumni Executive Council Virtual Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2017

President Ed Forbes called the meeting to order at 10:03 AM.

Alumni Executive Council Logo

Secretary Chatterjee called the role and announced the meeting had a quorum.

Minutes of the meeting of 17 September 2017 were unanimously approved.

President Forbes Report

News from Campus:

VP for Communications

• Interviews for the new VP for Communications would be held in Albany in October 2017.
• Finalists would then visit campus.
• References are now requested and being reviewed.
• More consultation with the President will occur by year-end.
• All candidates – we will have those on staff with communications experience work with the candidate in the future.
• Candidates were impressed with the fact that there is AEC involvement.

AEC Events

• There will be a reception Wednesday night in Greenwich, CT. Dan Lee is to be a host.
• January Sophomore Boot Camp will have 2 days of panels. Jeff Falen, Administration will lead.

Kim Hissong Report

Within The Campaign for Every Laurentian, Advancement has a new capital project they are working on centered on the Center for Student Achievement. This center will be located in what is currently Madill Hall. This is a $4 million project that is hoped to be completed by January 2019. Two anonymous trustee donors have made gifts totaling $2 million to get the project started but would be happy to reallocate those funds if we can secure other gifts from donors. The center will house:
• Academic Advising.
• Disability and Accessibility Services
• FYP.
• CSTEP/McNair programs

Information Technology has been relocated to ODY library. Naming opportunities within this capital project will be a highlight of our new Advancement Newsletter coming out in March.

There is a search underway for a VP of Admissions. Former Vice President of Council, Bill Cowan, serves on the committee.

Joseph P. Manory, VP & Treasurer, Finance resigned as of 11/30/2017 to do consulting work. In the interim, Janice (Jan) M. Albano, Executive Director of Finance will step in. The Board of Trustees will do ad hoc work on the Budget. Storbeck Pimentel will be the search firm used.

Two Advancement vacancies have been filled.
• Reunion/Homecoming Planning: Victoria Lederer, who received an SLU Masters will fill the Associate Director of Laurentian engagement position focused on on-campus event planning, including Reunion and Homecoming.
• Reunion Fundraising: Amanda Birchenough, formerly at Middlebury, will be an Associate Director of Annual Giving focused on Reunion fundraising.

Treasurer’s Report – Cortney Terrillion

• $10,000 of Reserves from the Silent Auction is set aside.
• Dave Murray hopes for an increase in the University Revenue Sharing.
• Bob Rood said that such an increase is on the wish list and expects that the University will appreciate the improvement in the alumni participation rates due to the AEC efforts.
• Ed Forbes said that Joe Manory earlier provided $20,000 then Jackie Hallock negotiated $10,000 more for a total of $30,000. However, the potential of Bookstore Revenue growth is impacted right now by a decline in online book sales. The AEC plans to press in the future.
• Bob Rood stated that the Internship Endowment Fund allowed $5,000 more for the AEC Budget; we gave ourselves an uptick.
• Ed Forbes thanked Cortney Terrillion and asked for a motion to approve the budget. Don Jenkins so moved and Chelsea Nuffer Lloyd seconded the motion.

Committee Reports

Admissions – Pam MacBrayne

The Annual Spring Connections with students was discussed. Council participated in this “yield” event. 40% of 70 students at the CT event have accepted admissions. Plans for a Boston yield event are next. Fenway Park was stalled due to cost.

Advancement and Engagement – Chelsea Nuffer Lloyd

At Homecoming, more AEC signage and banners are planned for the future.

Pins with messaging on 3x3 card stock should improve our message. An email welcome for Laurentions for Life and how to take action is planned.

Giving Tuesday online last year was up.

The Campaign status: $111 million in gifts and commitments to date. The Fall Kickoff plans for involvement from Council.

Big Idea #3 = Connections will be a focus

See the Kim Hissong email about events across the country. Expect a President reception; Hockey in CA; an event in Burlington Jan 1, 2018.

L4L is the next project and is scheduled in April 2018. While the traditional Laurentian for Life Week was not an option this year due to the calendar, we are supporting other events throughout the semester (e.g., SLU Serves Day, 1856-Minute Challenge) with staff and budget help to enhance the efforts under the Laurentian for Life banner.

Finance & Resources – Bob Rood

F&R has a focus on APR = Alumni Participation Rate.

We want to increase passive income.

Heidi congratulated Bob Rood and Tracy Dana for the success of the AEC Internship Endowment.

Bob Rood stated that the Endowment for Internships had $290,000 in hand and with pledges. Currently, $200,000 is in hand. There is a letter to go out with a flyer. Bob expects a higher amount by 1 July 2018.

Membership & Honors – Paul Danielson reported for Dan Lee

The Committee is reviewing future members; the amount of candidates is slimming down.

The Alumni Citation Award and the Sol Feinstone Award have been finalized and passed onto the Board for their review and approval.

Officer Date was yesterday (12/1/2017). Each was emailed by Dan Lee. Vision Statements are due by 15 Dec 2017.

Student Services - Mary Pederson

Mocktail is being rebranded and will be held in February, 2018.

SLU Connect has been “upped” as the Committee has been working with Jillian. The Committee plans to move the event from Albany to select cities and engage alumni.

New Business

Kim Hissong reminded about the Winter Meeting dates and getting lodging reservations made in time for the Best Western: Thursday through and concluding Saturday; 8-10 Feb 2018. Hockey in the evening.
Thank You Notes assignments for November 2017 amounted to 527 gifts below $500; so each of us should expect 10-15 notes to do. Ed Forbes said the Board is impressed with the AEC Thank You note writing program.

Jay McKee made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:45 a.m.; Mark Armstrong seconded the motion.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Heidi A. Hansen, ’70 for Jay Chatterjee