Alumni Executive Council Virtual Business Meeting

December 7, 2019

President Cortney Terrillion called the meeting to order at 10:03 am ET.

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Following roll call by Secretary Chelsea Lloyd, a quorum was documented.

Present: Bickford, Burbage, Cochran, Colucci, Danielson, Faulkner, Frank, Giles, Glass, Gotham, Gross, Hallock, Higgins, Ireland, Kallet, Kelly, Kuno, Lancaster, Levi, Lloyd, McManus, Michaelson, North, Patrick, Peterson, Rana, Richman, Russell, D. Ryan, M. Ryan, Smith, Stern, Taylor, Terrillion, Twombly, Wells, Wheeler, Wieland, Willis, Wilson, Zonitch

Not Present: Abernethy, Bates, Blank, Egbert, Friedlander, Hakewill, Hann, Jenkins, Lawler, Lee, McSweeney, Santini

Approval of the 05 Oct 2019 Business meeting minutes were moved by Laura Patrick and seconded by Paul Danielson. There were no objections to the meeting minutes.

President’s Report - Cortney Terrillion

Cortney updated Council on the Power of Connections (POC) Fund. We will soon begin accepting gifts/pledges. There will be a chair(s) to lead the effort and to lead a small ad hoc committee. This committee will reach out 1:1 to encourage support from fellow Council members, past and present.

Campus Report - Kim Hissong

The Campaign for Every Laurentian will be the largest campaign in the university history. The next milestone is to reach $170m by the end of December. The second is $172.1m – which is the total for Momentum, our last campaign. A primary focus from a dollar perspective is on gifts over $100,000 and our principal gifts at $1m+.

As part of the Appleton renovation project, the ice has been laid this past week. Video can be seen on social media. The first game to play in the renovated space is the Women’s team on December 18. The first men’s game is the last weekend in January when council is present for winter weekend. The dedication will occur on February 7-8 weekend.

Please see Kim’s emails showcasing upcoming Laurentian events. Also see upcoming January events on the campaign website.

Student Delegate Report Liam Burbage/Nicholle Gotham/Sohel Rana/Trey Wheeler

Trey Wheeler updated Council on several search committees. There is a search committee for the Director of Career Services. Trey is on this search committee. There is also a search committee for an Assistant Director of Residential Life, a new counselor in the health center on campus, and a tenure track professor which Trey and Nicholle are both on.

Nicholle shared that there have been some student protests following winter weather in which the University did not close. Relay for Life raised $13,000 for the American Cancer Society this fall. Many groups are wrapping up for the semester. She reminded Council of live stream events for Singing Saints and Sinners and the live stream Candlelight Service. The third female president of Thelmo has been elected.

Sohel will share upcoming Habitat for Humanity information with Council.

Liam provided an update on fall sports. Men’s Cross Country placed 15th at NCAAs. Ashley Walker represented the women’s team. 11 football athletes received Liberty League honors. The riding team also finished their season successfully. Winter sports have started and the student body is excited about the renovations of Appleton Arena.

Mental health awareness is ongoing into final exams. Liam commented that the University is supportive going into exam week. Puppy therapy is hosted in the chapel and other events include yoga.

Treasurer’s/F&R Committee Report Paul Danielson

Council voted on the 2020 budget.

First, Paul shared that all the committee budget requests for 2020 were identical to 2019. One additional request from the Faculty Engagement working group for a teaching prize was not funded due to University feedback.

We are budgeted to spend more than our annual revenue stream – approx. $6,000 more. Within a few years, we will be operating at a deficit unless that revenue stream is increased. We will create an ad hoc committee focused on future revenue sources.

The 2020 budget was voted on. Stern moved and Kallet seconded. All were in favor. There were no nay’s and no abstentions. The 2020 AEC budget passed unanimously.

Paul briefed Council on the new endowment fund – The Power of Connections (POC) Fund. If any Council members want to make a year-end donation to count toward the endowment fund, this can be done. Kim will be sending a message out with specific directions.

Committee Report and Working Group Updates

Admissions - Scott Giles and Sarah Wieland

Sarah thanked those who have worked on alumni profiles to be sent to prospective students – 2-3 paragraph background of what brought you to St. Lawrence and what you’ve been doing since. Admissions is looking for a few more.

Advancement & Engagement - Rob Glass and Laura Patrick

Rob shared that the committee is working on the analysis of affinity groups that alumni are passionate about and that will have the largest ROI – specifically those with milestone reunions. They are working closely with Joe Keniston and the Advancement team to plan.

Laura provided a Homecoming recap. This was the best AEC tent to date. We were able to encourage lingering with the high-top tables, there was excitement from Stewart’s ice cream and AEC assignments worked well for both the soccer and football games.

Engagement survey response rates were 20% and results gave true direction for “alumni college”. The committee is looking at a 2-3 day program following reunion. The estimated cost of $400-500 was supported by the majority of respondents. A sampling of lectures, i.e. 2 per day in the morning with free time and outings in the afternoon was preferred. Many survey respondents wrote in with suggestions on topics. The next step is for Joe Keniston to meet with Karl Schonberg.

Randy is leading the effort to engage our international students and alumni. This sub-group is focusing on this due to the rise in international students on campus. The goal is to start with international students on campus then begin to engage alumni around the world.

Bylaws Review - Molly Hann

Molly has made recommendations to the officers and an updated version of the bylaws will be circulated to Council in the next few weeks.

Communications Working Group - Alyssa Cochran

Alyssa shared that the working group is focused on updating the AEC website as part of the larger St. Lawrence website with more content. The goal is to make it more personal.

During the fall meeting report she shared that the working group is also focused on an AEC style guide to include items like our logo, branding topics, and social media guidance. Since the fall meeting, the team has been working on this.

Faculty Engagement Working Group - Anne McManus

There are concerns with offering a teaching award to faculty at this time. Anne and team will revisit this award and how we can still engage and celebrate faculty excellence.

The working group is focused on programming for the winter meeting. The dinner scheduled for Thursday evening at the winter meeting will be to welcome new faculty.

Membership & Honors - Amy Faulkner

M&H has been focused on four main areas. M&H has met every other week since the fall meeting. They have had conversations with members who are to begin their second term and conversations with those who are set to retire. Celebrations of their service will be held at either the January winter meeting or the June meeting at Canaras. Amy thanked Council for officer nominations. All of those nominated have been informed and have until December 15th to return their vision statements. M&H will provide a slate of officers to Council before the January meeting. A vote will occur at the Saturday business meeting in January. M&H is also working on Alumni Citation and Sol Feinstone Award nominations. Candidate selections will go to the Board of Trustees for their approval. The award recipients will be distributed to AEC upon confirmation. Finally, mentors and mentees please be in touch before the January meeting. Any questions on any of the above, please reach out to Amy or other members of M&H.

Student Services – President Cortney reporting for Elizabeth Colucci

Career Conversations will be held on Friday from 3-4:40 pm of our winter weekend meeting. All AEC members are strongly encouraged to participate. Students want to talk to alumni about career options. A sign up will go out in future communications about the weekend.

The committee will be working with Career Services to host new summer locations of SLU Summer Connect. This is an opportunity for students, who are in a location either for an internship or live there, to engage with alumni. Last summer there were events in Burlington and DC. The target is to reach 10-20 students. They plan on adding Boston and Buffalo to the mix.

New Business

No new business to report.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50am EST by President Cortney Terrillion with movement from Sue North and a second from Laura Patrick.

Notes submitted by Chelsea Lloyd, Secretary.